Improve Your Digital Customer Journey

Want to create better digital customer journeys to improve your business? Find inspiration in this new benchmark to see in which areas, your company’s digital customer journey is ahead of your competitors, and where you need to do a better job to be successful.

As more and more business has moved online, the design of digital customer journeys has become a lot more important.

But since it is still a new discipline to many, it can be difficult to know exactly which factors are the most important, when your goal is to design a productive and successful digital customer journey.

To help you identify those factors, 1DigitalTrust has concluded a benchmark based on response from companies in the Nordics. They took the time to answer all our questions regarding digital customer journeys.

The benchmark can give you solid indications of the most important factors, when your job is to design a successful digital customer journey.

Click here to see 4 of the most important factors we found in the benchmark.

But hold on: In the benchmark, we found a much more important factors. So why not get a presentation of the factors, so you can build an even better digital customer journey?

The benchmark covers the areas:

  • Revenue increase and conversion
  • Personalization
  • Trust and transparency
  • Consent management
  • Organization and operation
  • Data privacy risks
  • Business case for customer journey

This presentation is free. All you need to do is to fill out your details and click submit.

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