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Our overall belief is that trust is good for business – Trust creates loyalty – both for our clients, their customers and our vendors.

Customer Experience & SAP Customer Data Cloud


Data Ethics


SAP License Excellence


Sustainability Commitment


  • Customer Experience through CIAM
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Consent Mangement
  • GDPR Management Compliance
  • Compliant Access Management
  • SAP Cybersecurity Business Risk Assessment
  • SAP License reviews
  • SAP License optimizations
  • SAP Indirect use analysis and optimizations
  • SAP S/4 License conversions calculations
  • We are committed to reducing our consumption in all ways possible
  • We work to bring the SAP ecosystem together for a shared commitment to improve performance in alignment with the SDG
  • Where possible and effecient, we choose used equipment as part of our procurement

Customer Experience & SAP Customer Data Cloud

We combine our data privacy experience with our CIAM experience

Our solutions are based on SAP Customer Data Cloud and are delivered at a fixed price as a turnkey solution. The solutions come with build in support, meaning that you will know the cost for the next years.

Our solutions are:

CIAM in a box

Central registration for new customers for all marketing and ecommerce applications
Central identy management for customers
Social logon – Facebook, Google, etc
Progressive profiling

Consent management in a box

Handling multiple consents for a customer
Efficient management of consents
Efficient management of privacy policies
Efficient handling of age gate(different age levels from country to country for sign up)

We implement all modules of SAP customer data cloud including:

SAP Customer Identity
SAP Customer Consent
SAP Customer Profile

As SAP customer data cloud is the integration component for authenticating and manage the customer’s users, we have worked with integration to many different platforms including CMS, CRM, Ecommerce and Marketing automation systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Adobe Campaign, Sitecore etc.

We deliver everything from architecture support, implementation and 1 to 3 level support to license support of SAP Customer Data Cloud on a time and material basis or as fixed priced projects.

Customer Data Cloud in a box

Data Ethics

For us, regulations such as the ePrivacy and the GDPR are about human rights, human rights in the massive digital transformation happening around us.

The right for the individual’s privacy and to the property of their own data – even when digitalised.

Therefore we have specialised in how to help our clients navigate in the digital modern age, where trust between you and your customers are becoming key for unique possibilities and customer loyalty. Streamlining your work with processes, data and ethics around it will help you achieve higher business value.

Together we have more than 75 years of experience with compliance in SAP and organisations running it. We have through the last 15 years, assisted multiple Nordic SAP customers with Governance, Risk & Compliance initiatives.

We offer the following services:

GDPR Management Consulting

GDPR Compliance Assessment

ILM accelerator for GDPR compliance

SAP Cyber security Business Risk Assessment

Compliant Access Management

Compliance logging for SAP

We work together with Solid Copenhagen.

With Solid Copenhagen, we bring ownership of data and privacy to the next level. Solid empowers users and organisations to separate their data from the applications that use it. It allows people to look at the same data with different apps at the same time. It opens brand new avenues for creativity, problem-solving, and commerce.

SAP License Excellence 

We believe in fair business, meaning that all SAP customers shall be compliant with SAP license agreements, but on fair grounds to ensure trust between SAP customers, SAP and SAP partners.

We help companies to go to the next level within SAP License management by following services: 

SAP License reviews  

SAP License optimizations 

SAP Indirect use analysis and optimizations 

SAP S/4 License conversions calculations

SAP Continuous license compliance

SAP License assistance.

Sustainability Commitment 

We have a responsibility when doing business

As a new company we must live out the UN sustainable development goals (SDG) with a special focus on climate. If we a new company cannot do this, then how can we enforce existing companies to live it out.

We are committed to reducing our consumption in all ways possible, this means in our procurement, where we choose used and efficient products, but also in our transport where we use public transportation more and more – also for longer travels.

1DigitalTrust is CO2 neutral from the start. We know that we can’t avoid all travelling and consumption, so we currently compensating by planting trees. We have committed to plant 1 tree pr. each invoiced hour through Growing Trees and other trustworthy organizations.

As a small company our impact is limited, we therefore are working on bringing the SAP eco system together, to commit to improving their performance towards SDG.

We facilitate the development of this commitment which hopefully will have a wide adoption among SAP consultancies in the Nordic.

We are committed to post our consumption numbers on a regular basis, so we can improve them and be as transparent as possible in our efforts.

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