Trust creates loyalty - both for our clients, their customers and our vendors.


We have through the last 15 years, assisted multiple Nordic SAP customers with Governance, Risk and Compliance


We work with proven methods, technology and partners, to deliver higher business value.

What we Do

We cover an array of services in the field of Customer Experience and Data Ethics

Customer Experience & SAP Customer Data Cloud

We are a dedicated SAP Customer data cloud consultancy. We combine our data privacy experience with the our CIAM experience to provide the best solutions and processes for registration of new customers and consent management

Data Ethics

We have specialised in how to help our clients navigate in the digital modern age, where trust between you and your customers are becoming key for unique possibilities and customer loyalty

SAP License Excellence

We have over 20 years of experience in the SAP License Management area and have helped over 150 SAP customers to stay in control and be compliant by doing fair business to the right cost

Sustainability commitment

We facilitate the commitment to the SDG goals for the SAP eco system consultancies. Together we commit to improving our mutual performance towards SDG

We put digital trust first

Our areas of expertise are

SAP Customer Data Cloud

GDPR Management Consulting

Data Ethics with SAP

SAP License Management


We are committed to UN’s Sustainable development goals and we have specific focus on climate to reduce our footprint.

why first digital trust?

Because our overall belief is

that trust is good for business – Trust creates loyalty – both for our clients and our vendors. Trust is therefore part of all of what we do. We help with Data privacy in most aspects with a special love for SAP to ensure trust among companies, customers and vendors.

We assist with SAP license compliance in all aspects to ensure trust between SAP customers, SAP and SAP partners. 

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1DigitalTrust Sweden AB

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