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Realize your goals

You need to cover many areas to realize your digital goals.


1DigitalTrust can help you with SAP Security, Data Ethics, SAP Licensing, and Customer Experiences.

More about us

1DigitalTrust is a certified SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP License Management and GDPR Consultancy.

For 15 years we have assisted multiple Nordic SAP customers with Governance, Risk and Compliance.

1DigitalTrust is pronounced “First Digital Trust”

  • First, because we have some of the best experts within our business areas.
  • Digital, because everything we do make your company’s digital presence stronger.
  • Trust, because we make your company more trusted by your customers, which is a key to success in the digital age.

What we offer

When working with us, you will meet proven methods, great partners, and experienced consultants that can deliver superb value to your business. Our partners include SAP, Onapsis, Signicat, and ComplianceNow.

Our areas of expertise are

Customer experience / SAP Customer Data Cloud

It is essential to offer your customers a smooth, effective registration and easy handling of consents.

We can enable you to do so with the unique SAP Customer Data Cloud solution and our deep experience within data privacy and CIAM.

Go high on data ethics

Trust between you and your customers through a high level of data ethics is key to create and sustain a unique market positions and build true customer loyalty in the digital age.

To ensure high data ethics for your organization, we can help you choose and implement the right solutions for your SAP environment.

SAP License Management

The right licensing is both a matter of doing a complex task right and develop a suitable licensing strategy, that supports your business’ development for the years to come.

We have 20 years of experience and have helped more than 150 companies get their licensing right.

Commitment to sustainability

When you work with 1DigitalTrust, you work with a company that is committed to follow the SDG goals with a particular focus on climate.

We hope to be able to convince both customers and the full SAP community that a sustainability commitment is the best for everyone.

Insights by 1DigitalTrust


SAP Security

Nobody really talks about it. But according to IDC, two out of three large corporations have experienced costly ERP system breaches the past 24 months.

1DigitalTrust have some intelligent solutions that can protect your SAP system. Watch this webinar to learn how you need to protect your ERP system and avoid unwanted stops in production or losses in profits, revenues, and company evaluation.


Segregation of duties

On average, fraud eats five percent of a company’s revenue, year in and year out. And you might not even have detected it. The most expensive is financial fraud, which can be heavily reduced if segregation of duties in your SAP system are in place and updated.

1DigitalTrust can help you analyze your setup and ensure your segregation of duties are as they should be.


SAP Customer Data Cloud

It might look easy, but it can be tricky to make the sign-up process smooth for your online visitors and also handle customer data and consents efficiently. Especially if you have more than one system, which most have.

Luckily for you, 1DigitalTrust offers an SAP Customer Data Cloud solution, that handles these things smoothly and efficiently across multiple systems. And you will easily be able to expand your system with new online sales channels as they emerge. Watch this webinar to see how it works.

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Why 1DigitalTrust?


Trust creates loyalty – both for our clients, their customers and our vendors.


The last 15 years, we have assisted multiple Nordic SAP customers with Governance, Risk and Compliance.


We work with proven methods, technology and partners, to deliver higher business value.

We put digital trust first

Because our belief is that trust is good for business – Trust creates loyalty – both for our clients and our vendors. Trust is therefore part of all of what we do. We help with Data privacy in most aspects with a special love for SAP to ensure trust among companies, customers and vendors.

We assist with SAP license compliance in all aspects to ensure trust between SAP customers, SAP and SAP partners.

Sustainability Commitment

When you choose to work with 1DigitalTrust, you also choose to work with a company, that is committed to the SDG goals with a particular focus on the climate. And we are not only trying to convince you but the full SAP community, that a sustainability commitment is the right thing to do for everybody.

Clients we’ve enjoyed working with