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SAP Data Ethics & Security

To secure a sound business, it is essential to streamline working processes, be compliant with regulations such as GDPR, and protect data and systems against attacks and fraud.

1DigitalTrust has helped multiple Nordic companies obtain best practices within SAP governance, risk, and compliance.

Among the five partners, we have a total of 75 years of practical experience within SAP Data Ethics & Security.



Compliance & Fraud Prevention

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Assessment of GDPR Compliance

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GDPR Operation

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Compliance and fraud prevention

All companies aim to be compliant, but how do you ensure all systems and processes are set up to be exactly that?

And how do your systems and processes help prevent internal fraud, that in average cost every organization 5 % of its revenue?

1DigitalTrust can help you establish authorization concepts for:

  • Segregation of Duties (SoD)
  • Built-in controls in SAP
  • Implementation of control catalogue, descriptions, and user guides
  • Ensurance of sound governance

Assessment of GDPR Compliance

To comply with the current legislation and retain the trust of your customers and business partners, you need to be GDPR compliant.

1DigitalTrust can help you get a clear overview by assessing your GDPR compliance, including compiling:

  • A risk catalogue
  • An assessment of your current state of Logging / Security Information / Event Management
  • An assessment of your cyber security, including system settings, coding, integrations, and change management
  • An assessment of your standard authorization concepts

GDPR operation

On a continuous basis, it is essential to delete sensible, personal data, handle subject access reporting, and ensure authorizations are continuously updated.

1DigitalTrust can help you set up practical solutions for:

  • Data deletion
  • Subject access reporting
  • Authorizations – ensuring they are updated and correct

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Troels Lindgaard

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