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Data is the new battlefield

Already in 2023 Google will phase out their cookies as Google has been criticized for invading internet user’s privacy. Therefore, Google have decided to remove cookies permanently and companies need to collect customer data on their own and not rely on 3rd parties like Google.

Collecting your very own customer data is called 1st party data, the reason why 1st party data is way more valuable than 3rd party data, is that you firstly got your customers consent directly to use their data for marketing purposes. Secondly, your company is collecting customer data directly from all your sales channels such as website, social media, email marketing, customer service, physical stores and more.

Here SAP Customer Data Cloud can support your company even further to recognize and identify your customer on all your different sales and omni-channels, where next the platform unifies all the collected data of your customer into one single customer profile.

Here your company will not lose any important information or data about your customer and you will be able to create better targeted marketing and gain trustworthiness from every single customer of yours.  

An unexpected partnership with Grow by SAP

  1. SAP is focusing on Unicorn companies on a growth journey with our exclusive offering “Grow by SAP”.
  2. A new marketing era will come, and companies need to implement a new strategy of collecting 1st party data by themselves.
  3. With “Grow by SAP” we are offering young and growing companies to have a smooth, easy and low-cost transition into collecting 1st party data with SAP Customer Data Cloud.
  4. Grow by SAP offers 6 months of free licensing, a dedicated Customer Success Executive from SAP to nurture your transition to collecting 1st data, fast implementation, and a tech partnership.

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