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SAP License Management

Getting your SAP licenses right might not be easy, but it can be very beneficial.

Be compliant and avoid paying too much 

SAP License Management can be quite tricky, as it can be difficult to fully understand the license agreements;the rules stated in the license agreements; or to make license costs forecasts. 

In some cases, companies pay too much in license fees. By getting the licensing right, you will save money. 

If you pay too little today, you can avoid extra costs in the future by getting the licensing right. 

Experts in SAP License Management

As experts in SAP License Management, 1DigitalTrust can help you get your licensing right.

For 20 years, we have worked with SAP License Management and helped more than 150 enterprises to stay in control and be compliant at the right cost. We command all relevant competences and best practices.

We can help you assess a thorough license review, which makes it possible to build an optimal strategy for how to structure your installation in the years to come and make a strategy for when to convert to SAP S/4 HANA.


1DigitalTrust has various services to help you make your SAP License management right:

SAP License Reviews

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SAP License Optimizations

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SAP Indirect Use Analysis & Optimizations

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SAP S/4 License Conversions Calculations

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SAP License Review

Get control of you license baseline, use rights, risks, and opportunities.

SAP License Use Analysis and Optimizations

Analysis of indirect use scenarios and proposal of best license solution for the indirect use including digital access.

SAP S/4 License Conversion Analysis

Analysis and calculations on how licenses are impacted, if you convert to S/4 HANA.

Learn more about SAP License Management

As a market leader, 1DigitalTrust actively helps enterprises getting a better understanding of SAP license management through various activities such as:

SAP License Executive Event

Once a year we host the SAP License Executive Event, where new findings and information on the subject is presented together with methods and models on how to ensure license compliance.

Nordic SAP License Benchmark

In corporation with the Swedish SAP user group, SAPSA, we conduct a Nordic SAP License Benchmark every year. The benchmark surveys the current focus areas and challenges for enterprises using SAP. Up to 100 companies in the Nordics participate in the yearly benchmark.

SAPSA License Group

Partner, Thomas Bladh, from 1DigitailTrust serves as co-chairman in the SAPSA license group. SAPSA has a continuous dialogue with SAP about licenses.

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