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About 1DigitalTrust

Who we are, our values, and what we believe in

Who we are

Digital trust comes first

Trust is our business. Not only do we serve as trusted advisors for large Nordic corporations, who run their business on the SAP platform. But most of our services do also make our customers more trusted among their customers and business partners.

We are a Nordic consultancy based in Denmark and Sweden with five founding partners. We each have 15+ years of experience within SAP security, consent management, GDPR, compliance, antifraud, SAP licensing, Customer identity access management (CIAM) and/or SAP Customer Data Cloud.

We have all tried various projects and types of clients, and we thrive in the board room as well as next to a server rack. What we really care about is to deliver high quality, no matter who we help.


Trust creates loyalty – both for our clients, their customers and our vendors.


Through the last 15 years, we have assisted multiple Nordic SAP customers with Governance, Risk and Compliance.


We work with proven methods, technology and partners, to deliver higher business value.

The team

Donnie M. Lund

Donnie M. Lund

Sarmad Reda

Sarmad Reda

Troels Lindgaard

Troels Lindgaard

Stefan A. Sønderup

Stefan A. Sønderup

Thomas Bladh

Thomas Bladh

Forest of trees

One more thing: When you work with us, you will learn that we try to live out the UN sustainable development goals (SDG) with a particular focus on climate.

We have committed ourselves to reduce our consumption in all ways possible. For instance, we work on refurbished notebooks, and we use public transportation and bikes as much as possible when meeting clients and business partners.

Our goal is to be CO2 neutral, and since we cannot completely avoid consumption or travelling, we compensate by planting one tree pr. hour we invoice clients. The trees are planted in Jutland next to the river named Gudenåen.

Also, we encourage you to follow suit and commit on sustainable goals in accordance with SDG.

Quick facts

1DigitalTrust in numbers

years combined experience

with compliance in SAP and organisations running it.


sustainable business

CO2 neutral from the start. We know that we can’t avoid travelling and consumption, so we currently compensating by planting trees.

trees planted

in coorperation with Danmarks Økologiske Jordbrugsfond and Growing Trees network in Denmark.


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1DigitalTrust A/S

Kollemosevej 40B, 2830 Virum, Denmark


1DigitalTrust Sweden AB

Bronsåldersvägen 5, Åstorp 265 32, Sweden


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