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Insights on SAP Cyber Security

Please visit our resources below to strengthen your knowledge on Cyber Security.

Customer Stories

A leading European technology trading group mitigates SAP Cyber security risks with our SAP Cyber Security managed service.

SAP Cyber Security

In the news

Sårbare systemer giver cyberkriminelle adgang til virksomhedernes maskinrum

by Troels Lindgaard & Donnie Lund, published in Børsen | SAP Cyber Security

Internal fraud eat up five percent of a company’s turnover

by Donnie Lund & Sarmad Reda (first published in Børsen) | SAP Compliance | Sap Cyber Security

Webinars on-demand

Why is Your Custom Code the Decision Maker for S/4 Greenfield or Brownfield

by 1DigitalTrust and Onapsis | Cyber Security

Executive briefing: ERP Cyber Security

by 1DigitalTrust and Onapsis | Cyber Security

What keeps cyber criminals away from your SAP system?

by 1DigitalTrust and Onapsis | Cyber Security

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