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Online consumer registration and fast digital transformation in the retail industry

Convenience is one of the keys to create success online in the retail industry.

Simplified registration can provide an increase of 10% – 40% in signups

Social and password-less logon can increase registration with 5% – 10%

An increase in trust and transparency can provide an increase of 2% – 5% in revenues, as customers can get access to and manage their own consents and personal data.

This webinar covers

Amazon will soon be an awesome competitor to online retailers in the Nordics.

One way to differentiate your online business and become the preferred retail outlet is to handle customers’ data, privacy, and consents with transparency across all your sales channels, as this is perceived as one of Amazon’s not so strong sides.

The webinar will show you how to handle customer data and consents in an efficient manner and set your retail site apart from the competition with maximum flexibility to a minimum of cost.

Featured speaker

Troels Lindgård combines his experience within data privacy, digital customer journeys and SAP Customer Data Cloud to help companies ensuring the best possible customer journey with high conversion rates, revenue increases and strong data privacy compliance.

Troels Lindgård

Troels Lindgård

Partner, 1DigitalTrust

Your takeaways

  • Increase conversion rates by making the sign-up process easier for customers
  • Handle customer data and consents efficiently and reduce compliance risks
  • Speed-up digital transformation and be able to add new online sales channels as they emerge

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about how 1DigitalTrust can help you secure the core of your ERP system, please contact Troels Lindgård in our form below.

Troels Lindgård

Troels Lindgård

Partner, 1DigitalTrust

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